About Mechanisms in Fungal Infections

Mechanisms in Fungal Infections is a blended, e-learning resource with CME content developed by an expert, multidisciplinary group of specialists.

The content on this Web site is intended for oncologists, hematologists, and infectious disease specialists who treat transplant patients and other patient populations at risk for developing fungal infections.

The purpose of Mechanisms in Fungal Infections is to provide an e-learning resource about the mechanisms in fungal infections. Each comprehensive learning module includes:
  • Text, authored by leading experts in the treatment and management of fungal infections
  • Slide presentations with detailed notes
  • Clinical case studies
  • Medical animations
  • Physician self-evaluation questionnaires
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Content Highlights
Fungi have emerged as a major cause of infection, particularly among immune-compromised patients. There are over 100,000 fungal species in existence, but only a small minority cause human infection.

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Dr Elias Anaissie
Dr Coleman Rotstein

Editorial Faculty
Dr Stuart M. Levitz
Dr Tony Mazzulli
Dr Luis Ostrosky-Zeichner
Dr Thomas F. Patterson
Dr Shmuel Shoham
Dr David A. Stevens
Dr George R. Thompson
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